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How about some decluttering

So you have an old crusty couch at home. It is full of holes and the cushions have deflated. You then decide to go online and search for a new couch. Here you are on every furniture websites, searching for a couch that can fit your budget, your likings but most importantly, a couch of good quality. After days of searching you found the right one. Without a doubt you add it to your basket, get your credit card and pay for it, installation fee included. You get your receipt and the delivery information.

You’re very excited . Your brand new couch is coming. You’re finally going to be able to invite your friends over with no shame. You’re finally going to be able to take your “pre-nap” before going to bed at night. You’re finally going to be comfortable.

The delivery day has come. The delivery men are ready to install your brand new couch in your living room, but when they get there, that old crusty couch is still there. You didn’t get rid of it. That old crusty couch is taking up the space of your brand new one,they thus cannot install it until you make space accordingly.

It is then the same thing with our life. So many times we ask God for blessings, we ask the Universe for guidance but we’re so slow to get rid of bad habits, bad relationships, bad environments.We linger in the past, and are slow to move forward which in turn delay the process of our breakthrough.

Sometimes all we need is to make up some space, declutter in order to welcome new energy, and blessings.


Wild Thoughts

I see you…

I see you,

I see you for who you are

I see you for who you were

I see you you for who you want to be

I see the pain through your eyes

I see the sorrows

I see the regrets

I see your desires

I see beyond that beautiful body of yours

I see your soul

I see your mind,

And I see your spirit

I see beneath that happy facade of yours

I see the perpetual fights in your daily life

I see the eternal battles in your quest for survival

Yes I see you,

And only you.

Annie. R

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If dating is a soup, then I am a spork

Am I the only one who thinks that dating is the most difficult and confusing thing in the world? It’s crazy how the movies made it seem so easy!! You meet someone, realize that you have common interests, decide to go out together, get to know each other , and hopefully get into a relationship in the future…. Right?! This is how we all expect it to happen. Love at first sight kinda-thing. Well, in reality or at least in my reality it is a whole different story.

Jokes aside, I always compare my dating life to a telenovela. (Ask my friends and they’ll tell you). You meet the characters, get familiar with them, things are going smoothly, then an unexpected event changes the course of the story. You are then introduced to the villains, and the side characters. One event always leads to another. Always some drama, always something that catches you by surprise…

If you want to picture it , think Jane the Virgin …. In other words, a rocky road, full of bumps and turns, with traffic lights simultaneously indicating red and green.

Anyways, enough with the metaphors and the comparisons. I really want to take a step back and try to name the issues of why this experience is such an hassle for me, because at the end of the day I am 100% sure that I am not the only one in that perky situation.

First of all, I always say that I want to meet people “organically”. I tried that dating app situation ( Don’t start judging me, cuz we have all tried it 🙄) and it was a big fiasco, so we’re back to the traditional way. You know, you go out and somebody buys you a drink as a conversation starter. You grocery shopping and somebody bumped into you, and here you have a conversation…. (like the movie right🤔) .

But, here’s the deal, I live in Florida where half the men want to look like Kodak Black ( as you can imagine, not my favorite look) or don’t know how to start a conversation- which already is a turnoff because I am a talker- and the other half is already taken, and I most definitely don’t mess with people’s men, so that’s a big NoNo on my list.

Second of all, who should I go for ? I definitely can’t date somebody younger than me. I don’t run a day care. Guys my age (or my generation )usually think about “having fun only”. You know, they’ll slide in your dm, think they’re “sleek”, and then go to the next when they’re bored. Commitment level: 0%.

I am not even going to mention men in their 30’s and up, because I also don’t run a retirement home.🙄

Third of all, Personality, character, maturity level. I’m sure that I’m not the only one thinking that most men now miss what we all call common sense. Going back to what I was saying before, a lot of men now think that certain behaviors are “okay” as they say, and those actions don’t really mesh well with me . Let me give you some examples: knowing their priorities, leading a girl on, not putting names on thing as an excuse for them to leave when they feel like it, wanting to impress their peers by doing stupid stuff, thinking that money and gifts solve everything and so on…

So,you’re probably thinking that I am looking for a Ken doll, someone perfect. However, I always pride myself in being someone who knows exactly what she is looking for in a significant other, from the mental down to the physique, so I am definitely not gonna settle for half just for the hype of it when I know that can have it all!

However, I need to stop renting about all the things that men do completely wrong and probably make a little retrospection on myself-I like to be fair 😇 or not 😉

Which makes me wonder a little. Am I too demanding ? too needy ? too controlling? Too clingy? too nice ? Too dreamy? Too sentimental? Too eager for love ?….

Stay tuned for the next dramatic episode of the Adventures of Annie where all of that will be discussed. 😉