In your shoes

Dear “Friend”

Dear friend,

I’m writing you this letter because I feel a little insecure about our friendship. Looking back, I remember how close we were, you knew all my secrets, all my mistakes, all my aspirations. You used to know how I feel even before I said something.  I remember how we were happy when something good happened to each other.

What happened to us? What did I do wrong? Why we are not close as we were back then?

My dreams are coming true. I achieve great things nowadays. And everytime something new happened I always hope that you will be the first to congratulate me, the first to celebrate with me, the first to promote my works. But no! You didn’t do any of these. You didn’t send me anything. I’m still waiting for your call, Because I want to hear that you are happy for me. Send me a text message at least! But well, I never hear from you.

Everybody is telling me how good my work is. How they are happy for me. They are supporting me. Even people that I barely know are helping me in my work, congratulating me. WHERE ARE YOU?

But, you know what ! I will not beg you for your support. I will not wait anymore for your congratulations. I will not wait for either your call or your text message. Because I learned that everything happens for a reason. Therefore, I don’t have to beg you, “my dear friend” to support or promote my movement. Thank you for “teaching” me this life lesson.



Cher ami,

Je t’ecris cette lettre parce que je sens que notre amitie est differente. Je me rappelle a quel point nous etions proche. Tu connaissais tous mes secrets, mes erreurs, mes reves. Tu avais l’habitude de savoir ce que je ressens avant meme que je ne te le dise. Je me rappelle a quel point nous etions contente l’une l’autre quand quelque chose de bon se passait.

Que nous est-il arrive? Qu’ai-je fait de mauvais? Pourquoi ne somme-nous aussi proches comme nous l’etions au paravant?

Mes reves se realisent. J’accomplis de grande chose ces jours-ci.  Et a chaque fois que se passe quelque chose de nouveau, je m’attends toujours a ce que tu sois la premiere a me feliciter, a feter avec moi, a promouvoir mon travail. Mais non! C’est le vide total.

Tout le monde me dit a quel point mon travail est excellent. Ils me disent a quel point qu’ils sont contents de me voir reussir. Ils m’apportent leur support. Des gens que je connais a peine me proposent leur aide, me felicitent. Mais OU ES-TU?

Mais tu sais quoi? Je ne te supplierai pas pour ton support. Je n’attendrai plus tes felicitations. Je n’attendrai ni tes appels ni tes messages. Parce que j’ai appris que tout arrive dans la vie pour un but. Donc, je n’ai pas a te supplier, “mon cher ami” pour que tu m’apportes ton support ou que tu m’aides a promouvoir mon travail. Merci pour cette lecon de vie.



4 thoughts on “Dear “Friend”

  1. Very good job, my sister has been sending me to your blog to read your work. I can tell that you are really unto something great. Keep writing! Most importantly, keep reading!

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