‘The trend’

Long time no see. I want to say sorry guys because I didn’t write something for more than a month. Therefore, As I have a week off I decided to write something, but I know this present article, some people will like it whereas others wont. But well, this is what I think! and this was the main purpose of this blog when I created it: giving my point of view on a subject.

As you can see guys, the title is ‘the trend’. So the first idea that might come to your mind is “fashion” but I won’t talk about this sort of trend. I will  actually talk about the one that almost all Haitian teenagers want to experience.

So yesterday night, as I was scrolling down on my Instagram I saw a picture saying “no kids allowed”. So I got curious and I clicked on the comments to see what it was about. It was about a prohibited access for teenagers under 17 to a party that will take place in Haiti in December. And a lot of people got mad because of that decision. ( and of course it was teenagers under 17) .

And today someone asked me my opinion about this particular topic on ask.fm. So I will tell you what I think. As you know all, you are supposed to be at least 18 to attend some kind of  parties in the United States and 21 to drink alcohol. Actually it is how it’s supposed to be in every structured country!  But well, in Haiti we do things differently sometimes. So in my opinion the issue is not about “kids going to those kind of parties” but the problem is that they are doing a lot of things that you can’t even imagine. For them it is normal to get drunk, to smoke every kind of things. This is how they think they are “partying hard”. But really, at sixteen, a children is not supposed to drink alcohol or take any stimulant ( except when we are with our family! We drink wine in holiday dinners)

So as I know a lot of my readers are around that age, I’m sure that they are saying that I’m the biggest hypocrite that someone can meet. But no I’m not. Yes I admit it, I used to go to those parties. But I never drank or smoked even once. Does it make me boring? For some,maybe. But I can tell you that I enjoyed every second of these parties. And guess what  I  also do it in a seine way.

And I already know the excuses “it’s not me, my environment made me do it” or “I don’t want them to think that I’m boring so I’m doing the same thing”. But let me tell you something guys: You don’t have to do what others are doing. Smoke and drink are not synonyms of having fun. Since these parties had take place in Haiti, a lot of parents complained about the facts that their children got home drunk, intoxicated and God knows what could have happened if we didn’t take the right decision.

I’m not selfish but I think it was about time that adults in Haiti take their responsibilities in order to do things in the right way.  And you, guys need to learn how to party without alcohol or any sort of stimulant. As my mom used to say “some things need to be experienced at the right time whereas others doesn’t even worth to be experienced at all”.

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