A chance For A change

This article was written over 6 months ago, but kept it private.  However, my country is goring through a big crisis and I thought that making this public was my duty as a citizen. I might be far from the actual situation but my heart is broken. I am tired of seeing my fellow citizens living in constant fear, unsure of  a near future, a better future .

I rarely give my opinions when it comes to politics, but I strongly believe that my point of view is in order right now. I know a lot of you will be quick to comment on what I am about to say, but this is what I think, this is how I see things, and I stand by it.

For the past few days, my fellow Haitians have been living what I call an horror story. Horror story that we all have seen before.

As I heard-since I don’t live in the country right now- the population has been protesting due to the expensive price of the fuel.

I’m saying loud and clear, my people have all the rights on earth to do that. They have the duty as citizens to keep the government in check, make sure that it is working in the population’s best interest.

As I believe, the government has failed its people, I also believe that my fellow Haitians have failed the country.

What they were doing is pure vandalism, and doesn’t resolve in any way the different problems and issues that Haiti is facing right now. Destroying properties, businesses, hotels, and so forth is only pulling the country back. If for the last decade, we made one step forward; during those past few days we made tens backwards. Trashing, burning those few infrastructure that we had in the country are only putting the country and it’s people in much more misery and poverty.

The economy of a country is like a food chain, removing one entity and the whole system crawls.

Those supermarkets that have been burned, people were working there. They were those who needed the service of the shoeshine boy for 15 gourdes, those who were buying these bagged water for 3 gourdes in the streets, those who usually give 50 gourdes to the street guy to wipe their car down. They were the ones who kept the economy running-as little as it was. Now they would most likely not be able to do it anymore because they are now most likely to lose their job.

Those acts of violence are only increasing the unemployment rate in Haiti.

I read somewhere that it is totally normal for a population to act like that; Brazil and Mexico have done it the same way -as this person said.

Let me clarify, Haiti doesn’t have the luxury to react as so. When it takes two years for those countries to fix a problem, Haiti fixes it in twenty.

Moreover, our lack of education and our mentality are dragging us back.

It is time to stop thinking short term and more long term, it’s time to forget about this “koupe tèt boule kay” ideology, “ pito nou lèd nou la” quote, “li fèl poukisa m paka fèl tou”, “nage pou sòti”. it is time to think as a whole.

As JFK said: “ ask not what the country can do for you; ask what you can do for the country”

This is our fault, not only the government’s, not only the population’s, but ours. We all have failed Haiti, we all have been doing the same mistakes over and over again. It is time we all take our responsibilities , and start to act in order to put the country back on track. Musicians, doctors, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, politicians, diaspora we hall have our role in this

We will not be able to “put Haiti on the map if we don’t change our mindset first. Haiti will not be “open for business” if us Haitians are always acting in our own interests.


A Concerned Haitian Citizen

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