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Six Products You Should Add To Your Skin Routine This Summer

Disclaimer:  I am not a Beautician nor a dermatologist.  The products mentioned below are just recommendations, You are not entitles in any way to buy them. I have found that they work for me through trial and error. Before using them, please assess your skin type, problems and allergies. If you need more information, please visit the links provided below. The products with an asterisk are part of my current skin routine 

Water *

Yes WATER. I know that you’ve been hearing it from the beginning of time , But I will repeat it as well. Drink water. We all know that our body is made of up to 60% of water. Our cells thus need it to survive. Especially during summer, our body get dehydrated pretty quick because of the heat and the humidity . Water is thus important to stay healthy all summer long, grow and maintain long and healthy hair, and keep that glow that we all want for those Instagram pictures.
Daily intake : 3.5 liters for the average adult male and 2.5 liters for the average adult female. Tips: If you still have a hard time drinking a lot of water or simply forget to do so, set multiple alarms throughout the day as a reminder. You can also buy different kind of flavor packets at your local supermarket if you like sweet tastes.

Tea tree oil *

Tea tree oil also called melaleuca oil is an essential oil particularly known for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is widely use in the beauty, hair and health industries due to the facts that the chemicals that it contains may kill bacteria. It is used to treat fungus, lice, acne, insect bites , infections , toothaches , sore throats and many more…
I personally discover this oil about three years ago. I used to deal with severe itchy scalp , and hair loss. After trying a lot of expensive products, and not seeing substantial results, I decided to go a more natural route. After extensive research , I discovered that tea tree oil might help with my issues, and since that day , I became in love with that oil.
Here are some ways that you can add that oil to your routine
Add 5 to 10 drops of tea tree oil in your favorite shampoo or oils concoction, and use it in your regular routine

  1. Relieve itchy scalp
  2. Reduce scalp lesions, greasiness
  3. Prevent dandruff

Use it as a spot treatment for 3 consecutive nights if an annoying zit is coming between you and greatness 😉

This oil can be found at any beauty supply store, Target, Walmart or Amazon.

Rose water mist/spray

Rose water is a liquid mainly made of water and rose petals- depending on the brand other products might be added. Because of its sweet scent it is commonly use in perfume, and even in the culinary business. It is also use in the beauty industry.
Rose water is definitely the multi-purpose product you need in your skin care routine. Packed with powerful anti-oxidants, rose water is known to act as a barrier, and protect the skin against UV radiation, chemicals, and physical pollutants. It is also know for its anti- inflammatory and soothing properties , making thus ideal to reduce irritation and redness , especially in people who suffered from eczema. Lastly its anti-aging properties help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
I personally use rose water as a primer, finishing spray, or as a refresher for quick “pick-me-up” throughout the day.

  • Garnier SkinActive Facial Mist Spray with Rose Water- 4.4 fl oz. You can find it a Target online and in stores. Retailed for about 6.99 USD*
  • Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rose Water- 8 fl oz. You can find it at Ulta online and in stores , as well as on Sephora online. Retailed for about 12 USD *
  • Boscia Rosewater Mist with Witch Hazel- 4.73 fl oz. You can find it at Sephora online and in stores. Retailed for 24 USD

Vitamin C serum/ essence

We all love summer. It is the time for bright outfits, long days at the beach etc.. But it is also the time when we get those unwanted tan lines, hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tones. To help with theses issues, I bring you Vitamin C. It is full of antioxidants that help promote the production of collagen, reduce signs of aging by repairing the damage caused by the free radicals emitted by the sun. This product is so powerful that it can also prevent future damage ( Not a replacement for sunscreen though) . Dermatologists usually recommend serums with concentrations of 10 to 15%.

  • Derma E Vitamin C concentrated serum -2 fl Oz. Available at Ulta and Target online and in stores. Retail price : 20 USD
  • Vichy LiftActiv Vitamin C Face Serum Brightening Skin Corrector – 0.34 fl oz. Sold for about 30 USD at Target online and in Select stores*
  • Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum – 1 fl oz. Sold for about 80 USD at Sephora online and in stores


My mom always says; “Prevention is better than cure”. Indeed, our precious skin care routine will serve to nothing if we don’t protect our skin first. As mentioned before, the sun emits free radicals and harmful rays that can damage the skin: hence the source of hyper-pigmentation, acne, scarring, uneven skin tone, lines and wrinkles. Sunscreen is thus the physical shield required to maintain a healthy skin. It is actually one of the few over the counter drugs approved by the FDA, usually they go from SPF 15 to SPF 50 . ( And Yes I Know, we all have encountered some SPF 75 and SPF 100, However it has been proven that they have the same effect as the SPF 50). I personally stay between SPF 25 and SPF 40 for my everyday use, and SPF 50 when I go to the beach. In fact, there is two kind of SPFs:
– The physical SPF are made with zinc oxide or titanium oxide. They are usually creamier, and leave that white cast that we all hate . However, they are much safer since they are not absorbed by our body . They sit on top of the skin and protect it by reflecting the sunlight
-The Chemical SPF are made with oxybenzone, octisalate , octinoxate etc… ( OK, too many weird names). They are thus more effective since they are absorbed by the body through a chemical reaction which in turn dissipate the UV rays.

  • Hawaiian Tropic Antioxidant Mist Sunscreen SPF 30-3.4 fl oz. Sold at Target online and in stores for 7.99 USD*
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost City Shield Water Gel – SPF 25 – 1.7oz. Available and Retailed at Target online and in Stores for about 20 USD*
  • Benefit cosmetics dream screen SPF 45 sunscreen for face- 1.52 fl Oz. Only available on Benefit Cosmetics website , and retailed for 32 USD


So we are drinking our water, protecting our skin, maintaining its health and its texture. However, there is one more thing left: the habit of exfoliating . Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells off the skin surface. It can be done mechanically by using abrasive scrubs( the most common ones) or chemically by using products with special chemicals and acids that remove the dead skin cells without scrubbing. The type of exfoliator depends solely on your skin type. used,Since our skin regeneration slow down with age, an exfoliant is thus necessary to remove build-ups and excess oils trapped in our pores. These impurities are in fact the cause of dull, dehydrated skin since they impede the nutrients packed in our moisturizers, serums, and masks to penetrate the skin and work their magic. 🙂

  • St. Ives Fresh Skin Face Scrub Apricot -6 oz. Available at Target online and in stores for 3.99 USD
  • Clean & Clear Lemon Zesty Oil Free Face Scrub with Vitamin C – 4.2oz. Sold at Target online and in stores for 5.99 USD
  • First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads- 60 pads . Retailed for 32 USD at Sephora online and in Stores *


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