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Four natural hair tools that I can’t live without

Not too long ago, I posted a comparison picture on my snapchat: my hair after my big chop, and my progress one year after. A lot of people had asked me since then what I did to make my hair grow that fast. Honestly, I could not give a “one and done” answer. I have been using so many different products, applying so many different techniques that I can’t attribute my hair growth to one specific thing. However, I can most definitely share some tools, that I have made my life easier, and my hair more manageable since the big chop.

  • Wide Tooth Comb

While a lot of naturals have been raving for different types of detangling brushes, my good’ole wide tooth comb has always been my first choice when it comes to detangle my type 4 kinky hair. I always found it gentler on my hair than any other detangling tools, and it definitely gets the job done.

  • Scalp massager

This tool made a big difference in my natural hair journey, since it helps me keep my scalp clean. And everyone knows that healthy scalp=healthy hair, since it helps promotes blood flow . Moreover, it is very relaxing. I literally could fall asleep while using it.
Hint: I use it both under the shower when I am shampooing, and during a hot oil treatment.

  • Conditioning cap

If you care about your hair, you definitely know how important it is to deep condition your hair in order to retain moisture, strengthen your hair etc… Step it up with a conditioning cap, place it in the microwave for a minute an put it over your plastic cap. The heat allows the product to penetrate better in your hair strands and work their magic

  • Hooded dryer

I don’t know about a lot of you, but I hate sleeping with my hair all wet and I have the bad habit of washing my hair very late at night. A hooded dryer allows me to dry my hair in a quick fashion without the hassle. I also helps me step it up my wash n go since my curls would dry faster and hold better. Hint: it can also be used for deep conditioning, coloring and other hairstyles

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