How Meal Prepping Changes My Lifestyle

So most of y’all already k now my lifestyle. Full time student (ish), with a full time job, newly-born trader, blogger at time, skincare and makeup enthusiast when I feel like to etc etc.. In between of all that, one thing that always forget to do is eat healthy. I barely eat breakfast unless it is my day off, I grab lunch here and there , and I tend to order dinner. Don’t get me wrong , I’ll do groceries, but the vegetables would spoil in my fridge because I don’t cook due to my overwhelming laziness ( that same laziness that keeps me from writing consistently) .

Trust me I want to do better but I always found an excuse to actually act differently. however, a couple months ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to create a budget. I am talking about a real budget , one that includes monthly bills, monthly savings, monthly purchases etc… Being a millennial, I of course used an app called Albert to help me navigate through my expenses, and help me make optimal decisions when it comes to spending money and managing my income. This app put me in contact with an expert with whom I can review my current finances, and make changes accordingly. While reviewing my finances , It came to my attention that I was spending more than 300$ on take out, fast food, restaurant and bars, and barely 90$ on monthly groceries . I was thus advised to start meal prepping and also buying those frozen foods for those days that I don’t feel like cooking .

One day, while discussing that with one of my co-workers, and giving her all the reasons why I am not meal prepping ( i.e the repetitiveness, laziness, and the list goes on), she proposed an app called Mealime. I always pride myself of being curious ( till this day I don’t know if it’s good or bad ), I thus decided to give it a try and see how it would work. And let me tell you, this app has changed my lifestyle, it has changed my perspective on cooking, and it has changed my habits.

So a little summary of how the app works. You download it of course, create an account, select you eating preferences and habits, select a day and time for you meal prep reminder, and it gives you different types of recipes based on your previous answers. The cooking time ranges from 20 min to an hour. All recipes are clear, concise and easy to follow, and most importantly the food is very tasty, and appealing to the eyes even for an absolute beginner

Alright now back to regular programming ;). You might be wondering why do I believe that this app and particularly meal prepping changed my lifestyle. So here is why :

  • It helps me save money. My monthly grocery expenses is very much cheaper than what I was spending in restaurants. This gives me the opportunity to save more, have a better control on my finances, and of course not wondering at the end of the month where my money went ( we’ve all been there, don’t lie to yourself).
  • I now eat healthier. Everything I eat now is fresh. I know what I am eating and I don’t have to worry about that 28% chance of my food delivery driver eating part of my food. ( Yes I want to keep everything sanitary as much as possible )
  • It gives me discipline. Some people might think that having a schedule is bad because it makes you fall into a routine but I truly believe that a schedule could be of great help for somebody who wants to organize their life i.e ME. I now hold myself accountable for not only my meals, but for my everyday life.

In fact, meal prepping shows me that I don’t have to lift a mountain to execute change. A small thing , like food for instance had big outcomes, and it paved the way for many more . All I needed was the will to do so, the right canvas and the deal was sealed . With that being said, don’t procrastinate anymore. Start today. Do something that could be good for you and your overall well-being.

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