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How about some decluttering

So you have an old crusty couch at home. It is full of holes and the cushions have deflated. You then decide to go online and search for a new couch. Here you are on every furniture websites, searching for a couch that can fit your budget, your likings but most importantly, a couch of good quality. After days of searching you found the right one. Without a doubt you add it to your basket, get your credit card and pay for it, installation fee included. You get your receipt and the delivery information.

You’re very excited . Your brand new couch is coming. You’re finally going to be able to invite your friends over with no shame. You’re finally going to be able to take your “pre-nap” before going to bed at night. You’re finally going to be comfortable.

The delivery day has come. The delivery men are ready to install your brand new couch in your living room, but when they get there, that old crusty couch is still there. You didn’t get rid of it. That old crusty couch is taking up the space of your brand new one,they thus cannot install it until you make space accordingly.

It is then the same thing with our life. So many times we ask God for blessings, we ask the Universe for guidance but we’re so slow to get rid of bad habits, bad relationships, bad environments.We linger in the past, and are slow to move forward which in turn delay the process of our breakthrough.

Sometimes all we need is to make up some space, declutter in order to welcome new energy, and blessings.


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