Wild Thoughts

I have to go

I don’t think I can play this game.

What if I lose at the end? What if I fall at the end?

Are you gonna catch me?! Are you gonna be there with me?!

I know you appreciate the experience. I know you said it’s appealing but I’m new to this. Believe or not , I’m trying. I’m trying to live a little. I’m trying to live in the present. I’m trying to stop overthinking. But I’m going to be honest. It’s HARD. Harder than I thougt.

I asked for advice before I got into this. Everybody thought that it was a good idea to keep going, even through the risk . I thought I was ready too. But I can’t. The deepe I am in , the more I feel insecure, the more I feel uncertain, the more I question myself.

Don’t I deserve better? Don’t I deserve stability, security? The unknown is killing me slowly.

I thought I could follow you , support you, cheer for you , but the stakes are too high for me . I wish you nothing but the best but I have to go, fly with my own wings and do what’s best for me .


Why is it so important for us women to go out on a date ?

It’s definitely not for the free food, the free ride or the free entrance to a particular event. We can definitely feed ourselves, pay an uber and put gas in our car. We also have girl friends whenever we want to go to a bar, the movies , a festival, a fair, a comedy show. Going out on a date allows us to “analyze” our potential “playmates” in a different scenery.

It allows us to look at how they treat the waitress, the bartender, the barista, the cashier; it allows us to look at how they eat, how they interact with others and their environment, how they drive, how they walk on the street with us, how aware they are of their surroundings and how they portray themselves.

Being in different settings brings different sides of your personality and triggers different aspects of your subconscious which allows partners to better know and understand each other, and most importantly to see how they fit into each other’s life

P.S A date does not have to be pricey. Be Creative