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Before turning 23, I discovered that…


Am I the only person who can stay home all day long without talking to anybody, no phone, no social media?! Just me, myself and I.

Sometimes, I’ll listen to music. Sometimes I will not.

Sometimes I’ll watch a show. Sometimes I won’t.

Sometimes I’ll read a book too.

Sometimes I’ll just stay with my window open listening to birds chirping, the wind blowing….

Sometimes I will just do absolutely nothing. Just me and my thoughts.

This is very therapeutic to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love people. I love interacting with other human beings, have long conversations, and a good laughter. In fact, my career path requires me to interact with people on a daily basis.

In fact, all the jobs that I have had thus far are very people oriented. I have worked in customer service, cosmetics, health care, labs. I have been a tutor. All of those are ones that you have to put a good face, smile and be nice.

And trust me, when I go out. I GO OUT. I’m always present in the moment. Always trying to create memories.


This is definitely a notion that is difficult to grasp; especially for family and friends as my love language is quality time (I will expand on that later on in this chronicle). They often think that they are disturbing me, that they might have done something wrong, or that something is wrong with me even.

I often have to explain to them and reassure them that this is nothing against them but more of what I consider my “self care moment”. My “rewind and recharge moment”.

In order for me to be good, understanding, loving and kind with others, that time alone is crucial for my well-being.

I need those moments to assess my day, the past month, and even the past few years. These moments are a good way for me to acknowledge where I am and to figure out where I am going.

This is the only time where I feel that I am in control of my day.

Yes, I love those moments alone. I love the serenity of being with myself.

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