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October chronicles

Hi everybody! “Long time no post”. I know I have been MIA for quite a while. I really missed writing, but I could never find the time for it… And to be honest, I have been uninspired. I really did not know what to write about.

A lot of things happened since the last time I posted something. One thing is that I moved. Yup! I no longer live in Florida. I am still adjusting to my new state and missing Tampa is an understatement, but all of that is for the greater good.

On another note, I thought about writing a little October chronicles. This is my birthday month, and I wanted to write about a few things that I learned the past 2 years. My goals is to write 23 chronicles by the 24. Well, we’re already on the 4th so I definitely I have some writing to do. So you can definitely expect 2 posts on some days.

The title of this chronicle will be: Before turning 23, I discovered that…..

Anyhow, I’m really excited for this. I hope that you will follow along, like it and will be able to relate.

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