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Before turning 23, I discovered…


Growing up, I always had a very small group of friends. Although I used to talk to everybody in my class, I always felt more comfortable in a tight-knit. (less chance for my secrets to become public anyway!)

Those friendships were very fruitful and loyal at the time. In fact, some of them are still thriving throughout the years.

I am grateful for all of them, and I cherish every single one of them. I wouldn’t change anything. Each of them has thought me something different about myself. They have thought me how to deal with others and how to interact with different personalities .

However throughout the year, I found myself using the word FRIENDSHIP too lightly. Although, I called them my best-friends, I started to realize that I was not emotionally involved in most of them.

Hold up! I already know what some of you are thinking about… “This is not a relationship Annie, you don’t need all that”.

But guess what! A friendship is just a relationship that we gave a different name to in order to draw boundaries.

So, as I was becoming more mature and I was meeting more people, I started to define FRIENDSHIP differently. I started to realize that true friends are the people who become family.

They are the sisters and brothers you never had. The support system you were longing for your whole life. The cheerleader you were seeking for years.

Those are people that you can be vulnerable with. Those are people who see you cry. They see your failures, your breakups, your lowest points. You see theirs, they see yours. Their pain is yours. Their laugh is yours. Their success is yours. No malicious intent, no hypocrisy. These are people that you know you can count on. People who will call you out when you are off track. People you will feel comfortable being yourself with. People who will keep you accountable. People who will help you grow.

Yes you may argue. Yes you may agree to disagree. Very often, even! Yes sometimes you may not talk for days. Because of course, it takes time to understand people, no matter the relationship. It takes time to understand people’s do’s and don’ts. And most importantly it takes a lot of compromise, a lot of understanding and a lot of work; work that I was never willing to put in, and quite frankly I was never challenged to do so.

Those are the people that I want to see by my side 50 years from now.

So shout out to you for being that person for me! You know who you are…

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