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Are you doing it for the right reasons ?!

For quite some times in my life, I had given myself a specific task: finding the perfect boyfriend. To be honest, I had a few hearth brakes which had left me pretty shaken up. I was therefore determine to find me somebody that was totally the opposite of my exes. I was thus on the… Continue reading Are you doing it for the right reasons ?!

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Social media in our lives

Facebook, etait notre premiere porte vers le monde, vers notre pays. Qui, meme un jour n'a pas ete cherche cette personne dont il a entendu le nom qu'une fois? Juste pour voir de quoi elle a l'air. Facebook etait pour nous un moyen de se sentir proche

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How to choose your partner? 

Hi guys today, I'm talking about something very special: Relationship. As a seventeen years old girl a lot of you will say that I'm too young and  I don't have enough experiences to talk about something like that. You are all right . But last Thursday a woman came to my school to give us… Continue reading How to choose your partner?