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I have to go

I don’t think I can play this game. What if I lose at the end? What if I fall at the end? Are you gonna catch me?! Are you gonna be there with me?! I know you appreciate the experience. I know you said it’s appealing but I’m new to this. Believe or not ,… Continue reading I have to go

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How about some decluttering

So you have an old crusty couch at home. It is full of holes and the cushions have deflated. You then decide to go online and search for a new couch. Here you are on every furniture websites, searching for a couch that can fit your budget, your likings but most importantly, a couch of… Continue reading How about some decluttering

Wild Thoughts

I see you…

I see you, I see you for who you are I see you for who you were I see you you for who you want to be I see the pain through your eyes I see the sorrows I see the regrets I see your desires I see beyond that beautiful body of yours I… Continue reading I see you…