Message to my readers

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog. If it is your first time on aworldofsimplicity, first and foremost WELCOME to my world 🙂 !  I am glad to announce that more than  a dozen posts are awaiting for you to be read. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy them and eventually can relate to them.  If you are a regular reader, I promise you that more articles are coming up. I sincerely hope that all of you guys are enjoying each of them .

Don’t be afraid to leave comments, share with your friends via  facebook, twitter instagram etc… I am working to come up with new ideas in order to make this blog more interesting everyday. I want you guys to know a little more about myself through my articles, through aworldofsimplicity. I want each of these posts to reflect my personality, my roots, and most importantly I want them to be  relatable ( I will never stress enough about that lol). I want each of you to find yourself in them. We’re in this together. We’re making mistakes, we’re growing, and learning. I thus, want this blog to be a safe, and creative place  where  we all sharing a common ground but can also find our own  little spot, our own little cocoon.

I always describe myself as being a shy opinionated girl. I love talking, and share my point of view, but I hate public speaking, hence the creation of this blog . So if you want to know more about that, just click the link below where  thoroughly explain where the idea comes from

 Once again, I want to thank each of you for reading aworldofsimplicity, thank you for your unconditional support and I love you all !


                          Instagram: @ann_eurielle

                         Twitter: @naell_r


                          snapchat: naell.r

One thought on “Message to my readers

  1. You are very intelligent!! Don’t be shy, God has Blessed you with a gift and hopefully you further yourself. Please DON’T STOP and keep your head in the books!! May God continue to BLESS you.

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