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Before turning 23, I discovered…

WHAT TRUE FRIENDSHIP IS Growing up, I always had a very small group of friends. Although I used to talk to everybody in my class, I always felt more comfortable in a tight-knit. (less chance for my secrets to become public anyway!) Those friendships were very fruitful and loyal at the time. In fact, some… Continue reading Before turning 23, I discovered…

Confession · lifestyle · October Chronicles

October chronicles

Hi everybody! “Long time no post”. I know I have been MIA for quite a while. I really missed writing, but I could never find the time for it... And to be honest, I have been uninspired. I really did not know what to write about. A lot of things happened since the last time… Continue reading October chronicles

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If dating is a soup, then I am a spork

Am I the only one who thinks that dating is the most difficult and confusing thing in the world? It's crazy how the movies made it seem so easy!! You meet someone, realize that you have common interests, decide to go out together, get to know each other , and hopefully get into a relationship… Continue reading If dating is a soup, then I am a spork