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Before turning 23, I discovered…

WHAT TRUE FRIENDSHIP IS Growing up, I always had a very small group of friends. Although I used to talk to everybody in my class, I always felt more comfortable in a tight-knit. (less chance for my secrets to become public anyway!) Those friendships were very fruitful and loyal at the time. In fact, some… Continue reading Before turning 23, I discovered…

Confession · lifestyle · October Chronicles

October chronicles

Hi everybody! “Long time no post”. I know I have been MIA for quite a while. I really missed writing, but I could never find the time for it... And to be honest, I have been uninspired. I really did not know what to write about. A lot of things happened since the last time… Continue reading October chronicles

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Are you doing it for the right reasons ?!

For quite some times in my life, I had given myself a specific task: finding the perfect boyfriend. To be honest, I had a few hearth brakes which had left me pretty shaken up. I was therefore determine to find me somebody that was totally the opposite of my exes. I was thus on the… Continue reading Are you doing it for the right reasons ?!